Weddings in the Skagway magistrate’s office at City Hall are common in the summer, but the above couple went all out with a fancy wedding dress and a professional photo shoot on the government steps and lawn. Katie Emmets

 From the ladies’ clothing boutique:
“Do you ladies in Skagway really wear clothes like these?”
And this exchange:
Wife: “I’m a fashion slut.”
Husband: “No, you’re just a slut.”

A mother and her two teenagers were walking by a house on State Street and noticed a sign that said, "Steve's Road Kill Cafe... you kill it we grill it."
“Is the sign for real?” asked one of the kids.
“Yes!” the mother replied.
One teenager then immediately asked if he were to go across the creek to grab a fish out of the creek, would she then ask to have it grilled?
The residents, watching all this play out, just giggled believing they were about to be asked to grill an old, stinky humpy.

A group of locals sitting outside their favorite watering hole were asked by a cruise ship visitor if they could explain to him how the trees in the canal can grow to the water and survive in salt water? The locals tried a few attempts at telling him that the trees have shallow roots and are above the high tide line, so they use fresh water.
The man finally huffed off, saying "I'll find someone that can tell me the answer.”

Walking off a ship, a man was pointing to a shore excursion list held by another passenger, and advised them: “If it has more sentences in the description, there’s more to it.”
He was then offered a Skaguay Alaskan visitor newspaper by the windy one, who advised the gentleman, “There’s lots of sentences in here.”
The man snapped it up.

“You live here in the winter? You must be married.” - said to a woman who lives in Skagway year-round.

Tour passenger 1: “I’m surprised Alaska is as cold as it is. It’s so close to Hawaii but it’s so much colder.”
Tour passenger 2: “What makes you think Alaska is close to Hawaii?”
Tour passenger 1: “Well, when I went to school there was a map of the United States in the front of our classroom and in the bottom left corner there was Alaska right next to Hawaii in a little box.”

Visitor: “What brand of rhubarb do you use?”
Restaurant owner: “From our back yard.”
But the visitor was not impressed: “What brand? Red stalk or green stalk?”
Puzzled, after hearing this, the windy one went right back to the office to Google rhubarb brands. Nada. Now we’re not sure whom the joke was meant for.
A bookstore customer: “Is this the paper with the tourist questions? My guide told me about it earlier. Then I had a question, but I was afraid to ask, fearing it might end up in the paper.”

Yes, you have the authentic copy in your hot hands. This is the place for wind of all varieties. And quite a summer we have had: warm and sunny for the most part, with just the right amount of wind. Now that fall appears to be here, the wind will blow a little stronger till the very end of the season. Don’t let any escape unnoticed. Submit to the windy one at the bookstore for the season’s final drawing on Sept. 26.