-Heard on the Wind-

Wrong state of mind…
A woman asked a sales associate, “So you have silver charms here? I’m looking for something that says ‘Hawaii.’ You know, like a little bear or eagle, or something that really says ‘Hawaii.’”

We speak English, eh…
Visitor from Texas: “Along the panhandle where Alaska meets Canada, do people speak both English and Canadian?”

Choo choo competition…
A young boy was walking with his parents down the boardwalk, annoying them by relentlessly by chanting “Stop the Train! Stop the Train!” A local tour operator said to the boy, “I agree with ya, kid!”
A person pushing another in a wheel chair watched as the train pulled onto the dock and then hollered at the conductor: “Wait, don’t leave without out us!”

“Wow!” There’s a lot of rocks here!!”
A family came in and asked, “Are you going to show us how to make germs?” (referring to the gem panning).

Should I stay or should I go….
A couple was looking at the outgoing mail slots at the post office and seemed confused.
One stopped in front of the “Out of Town” slot and said to the other: “I don’t know. We’ve been here all summer.”
Her partner replied: “Maybe we should put it in Local?”

OK – the weather is no excuse, get out there and brave the wind. Stick around for the last puffs of the season in the Sept. 26 issue.