Mulvihill takes second in Skagway X-C race

Kyle Mulvihill crosses the finish line in second place. Jeff Brady

Junior still on pace to win small schools division

You wouldn’t have known by looking at Kyle Mulvihill after the Skagway Invitational Cross-Country Race that he had just shattered his personal record on the grueling Dyea Road course.
After charging down the final hill, six seconds behind winner Scott Totten of Sitka, Mulvihill collapsed just past the finish line, lying prone at the end of the chute until other racers came in and he was helped to his feet.
“I didn’t puke, so I didn’t do my best,” Mulvihill said.
The Skagway junior was in the lead on the uphill section coming back from Long Bay when “my quads froze, you know, shin splints,” and he waved Totten on. But sensing he might be able to catch the Sitka runner, Mulvihill stayed with him and made a charge at the end. “I tried.”
Totten finished in 17:43 and Mulvihill at 17:49. They were followed by four Juneau J-V runners led by Nils Domke at 18:10. The closest small schools competitor to Mulvihill was Cliff Shellabarger of Mount Edgecumbe, who finished seventh at 18:37.
Skagway coach Gary Trozzo was pleased with Mulvihill’s effort.
“That was Kyle’s best time on this course,” Trozzo said. “He needs that for Juneau (regionals there Sept. 20).”
Skagway’s next runner was John McCluskey, in 28th place, 15th among small schools runners. He finished eighth among small schools runners in an earlier meet at Sitka.
“John has a shot at the top 10, and Kyle has a great shot at repeating as champion,” Trozzo added. “We just need to get in more training and get over some sickness.”
Skagway’s two other runners, Garrett Henry (20:54) and Thomas Knorr (24:22) were in 33rd and 49th place respectively.
Skagway did not have a full team in either the boys or girls races. The Juneau JV teams won the team titles, with Sitka taking second. Both are 4A schools, along with Ketchikan, and will run in a separate race at regionals.
The girls race was won by Megan Bush of Juneau in 21:08, just one second ahead of Megan Lehaman of Sitka. Christine Hansen, an eighth grader from Haines, took third with 21:13.
Skagway’s top two runners, sisters Candi and Crystal Ketterman, cramped up halfway down the first hill, Trozzo said.
“They ate the wrong food (before the race),” he said. “Now they know what not to eat.”
Tiffanie Potter was the top Skagway runner in with a time of 24:26. She finished in 17th place, but sixth among small schools runners. Candi was next at 24:51, and Crystal in 20th place at 25:22.
At the Sitka meet on Aug. 30, the three girls finished in sixth (Candi), seventh (Crystal) and ninth (Tiffanie) among small schools runners, so they all have a shot at a top 10 finish. which would qualify them for the state meet in Palmer at the end of the month.
In the Skagway race, eighth grader Teslyn Korsmo had a time of 32:20, and finished 37th, but fulfilled her goal of not finishing last.
Two Skagway runners were injured and did not run. Freshman Leah Moore has a hip injury and is questionable for regionals, but German exchange student Florian Wischnat may be able to compete and give the boys the fifth runner they need for team scoring. Skagway has one more meet in Wrangell this weekend before regionals.

UPDATE: Kyle Mulvihill won the Wrangell race with a time of 17:04!

Skagway Invitational Results
Sept. 6 - Dyea Road Course

GIRLS: 1. Megan Bush (J) 21:08; 2. Megan Lehaman (SIT) 21:09; 3. Christin Hansen (H) 21:13; 4. Kendri Cesar (J) 22:07; 5. Lexi Garvey (J) 22:17; 6. Autumn Isteruli (P) 22:25; 7. Sara Poindexter (SIT) 22:30; 8. J.J. Carlson (SIT) 22:50; 9. Gretchen Dierking (J) 22:54; 10: Bridy Short (P) 23:05; 11. Kelsey Davidson (SIT) 23:08; 12. Michele Dunlap (SIT) 23:09; 13. Misty Leccesa (SIT) 23:10; 14. Sarah Aiken (P) 23:11; 15. Gwenn Miller (J) 23:12; 16. Margaret Hunter (P) 24:14; 17. Tiffanie Potter (SGY) 24:26; 18. Candi Ketterman (SGY) 24:51; 19. Bergen Rosvold (P) 25:15; 20. Crystal Ketterman (SGY) 25:22; 21. Julie Agne (SIT) 25:40; 22. Hannah Meucck (P) 25:33; 23. Abby Gillaspi (SIT) 26:00; 24. Gillian Severson (P) 26:12; 25. Oriane Waterlot (SIT) 26:13; 26. Gabrielle Vance (J) 26:19; 27. Samantha (unattached) 26:51; 28. Sharayah Foster (unattached) 27:08; 29. Nicola Trainer (unattached) 27:27; 30. Desiree Merculief (ME) 27:40; 31. Nikki Colbert (ME) 28:05; 32. Katya Brook (ME) 28:14; 33. Brandi Johnson (ME) 29:44; 34. Amber Wilson (ME) 30:02; 35. Rebecca Church (ME) 31:33; 36. Teslyn Korsmo (SGY) 32:20; 37. Katerina Appaloni (SIT) 32:41; 38. Sheila Agre (SIT) 33:18.
Team scoring: 1. Juneau JV 30; 2. Sitka 36; 3. Petersburg 58; 4. Mt. Edgecumbe 125. Haines and Skagway had incomplete teams.

BOYS: 1. Scott Totten (SIT) 17:43; 2. Kyle Mulvihill (SGY) 17:49; 3. Nils Domke (J) 18:10; 4. Brian Smith (J) 18:14; 5. Eric Gullufsen (J) 18:25; 6. Justin Jones (J) 18:52; 7. Cliff Shellabarger (ME) 18:37; 8. Daniel McCarthur (SIT) 18:53; 9. Chandler Kemp (H) 18:54; 10. Grant Zwingelberg (J) 19:09; 11. Matt Mercier (ME) 19:19; 12. Keith Reeves (SIT) 19:23; 13. Casey Knight (P) 19:29; 14. Owen Kelley (J) 19:30; 15. Brendan Goodwin (P) 19:34; 16. Kyle Knight (P) 19:36; 17. Jesse Haner (P) 19:37; 18. Logan Stolpe (P) 19:38; 19. Tim Peterson (J) 19:43; 20. Kevin Conway (SIT) 19:45; 21. Max Shellabarger (ME) 19:51; 22. Tirrell Thomas (ME) 19:55; 23. Will Horton (J) 19:58; 24. Joel Hunt (ME) 20:00; 25. George Bears (ME) 20:19; 26. Jacob Braun (P) 20:27; 27. Vince Licari (SIT) 20:28; 28. John McCluskey (SGY) 20:30; 29. Fred Yip (P) 20:36; 30. Tyler Eggen (SIT) 20:37; 31`. Chris Owens (P) 20:38; 32. Greg Chouy (SIT) 20:48; 33. Garrett Henry (SGY) 20:54; 34. Nick Shellabarger (ME) 20:56; 35. Richard Stein (SIT) 21:08; 36. Temple Dillard (ME) 20:56; 37. Tom Meiners (J) 21:12; 38. Theo Kennedy (J) 21:13; 39. Greg Hunter (SIT) 21:35; 40. Kelly Edmonds (H) 21:36; 41. Neil (unattached) 21:51; 42. Jim Jurczek (SIT) 21:59; 43. Lincoln Wild (SIT) 22:05; 44. Kyle Aimole (SIT) 22:18; 45. James Bilie (H) 22:53; 46. Keith Stedman (SIT) 22:54; 47. Kameron Perensovich (SIT) 23:40; 48. Myles Creed (ME) 24:04; 49. Thomas Knorr (SGY) 24:22; 50. Christian Lende (H) 24:59; 51. Jesstin Patterson (ME) 25:23; 52. Hank LeClerke (SIT) 26:37.
Team scoring: 1. Juneau JV 22; 2. Sitka 51; 3. Petersburg 69; 4. Mt.Edgecumbe 76. Haines and Skagway had incomplete teams.

Attention: Box-of-Rockers: You gotta pay for that ride down the hill
Box Of Rocks wants participants to know that the race is scheduled for Saturday Sept. 20, and will start whenever you want to go up to Upper Lake. Most runners/hikers leave between 9 and 10 a.m.
It’s on the honor system that you time yourself when you start and someone will clock you in when you arrive at Upper Lake. First chopper will land at Upper Lake at 12:30 p.m. for a ride down.
This year TEMSCO is charging $20 a person to ferry you down from Upper Lake after the race. You must sign up for the ride and pay for it prior to the race at TEMSCO. If the chopper can’t fly, your money will be refunded and you’ll walk down instead. Or you can opt to walk down. anyway.