While the Klondike Roard Relay racers take off just yards from the Red Onion Saloon, auctioneer Billie Clemm gives the signal that time’s up for bidding on the silent auction fund-raiser for Little Dippers Day Care. Over $12,000 was raised for the day care center. DL

-Heard on the Wind-

A kid asked his parents, “Why do you want to go to the Red Onion? You don’t even like onions!”

“This is not what it was like in the brochure – it was sunny in the brochure.”

“If this is a rainforest, where are all the parrots and monkeys?”
An exchange:
“What is your longest day?”
“June 21st.”
“Oh, just like everyone else?”

A visitor walks into the bookstore, looks around and says, “This is so quaint, but how do you weigh the boxes? This is the post office, isn’t it?”

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