AS 15.05.020. Rules for determining residency of voter

For the purpose of determining residence for voting, the place of residence is governed by the following rules:

(1) A person may not be considered to have gained a residence solely by reason of presence nor may a person lose it solely by reason of absence while in the civil or military service of this state or of the United States or of absence because of marriage to a person engaged in the civil or military service of this state or the United States, while a student at an institution of learning, while in an institution or asylum at public expense, while confined in public prison, while engaged in the navigation of waters of this state, or the United States or of the high seas, while residing upon an Indian or military reservation, or while residing in the Alaska Pioneers’ Home.

(2) The residence of a person is that place in which the person’s habitation is fixed, and to which, whenever absent, the person has the intention to return. If a person resides in one place, but does business in another, the former is the person’s place of residence. Temporary construction camps do not constitute a dwelling place.

(3) A change of residence is made only by the act of removal joined with the intent to remain in another place. There can only be one residence.

(4) A person does not lose residence if the person leaves home and goes to another country, state or place in this state for temporary purposes only and with the intent of returning.

(5) A person does not gain residence in any place to which the person comes without the present intention to establish a permanent dwelling at that place.

(6) A person loses residence in this state if the person votes in another state’s election, either in person or by absentee ballot, and will not be eligible to vote in this state until again qualifying under AS 15.05.010 .

(7) [Repealed, Sec. 38 ch 116 SLA 1972].

(8) The term of residence is computed by including the day on which the person’s residence begins and excluding the day of election.

(9) [Repealed, Sec. 38 ch 116 SLA 1972].

(10) The address of a voter as it appears on an official voter registration card is presumptive evidence of the person’s voting residence. This presumption is negated only by the voter notifying the director in writing of a change of voting residence.