Eighteen runners made their way to Upper Dewey for the Box of Rocks on Sept. 2. Heavy rains the day before led to mushy mud and cascading waters on the way up. Above, some finishers talk about the trail over a few cold ones. See results on the Sports & Rec. page. EAP

-Heard on the Wind-

Got your goat
An exchange between two Skagway women canoeing on Nares Lake last weekend near Carcross:
“Do you see the salt lick way up there on the mountain? The goats love it.”
“Did they fly it in there?”

Bug free we are not
Heard on the Ore Dock recently:
“I thought it was too cold for spiders here.”

Garden glitch
Heard of a woman on the train who was looking down at the kale in the Dirty Girls’ garden:
“Look at those cabbages. It gets so cold up here, they change colors.”

Clean and colorful snow wash
Overheard by a couple a train agent:
“The avalanche chutes have lighter green vegetation because the snow bleaches it lighter.”

Super-strong bruins
Overheard by a clerk:
“The reason that the railroad doesn’t go to Whitehorse anymore is because they had so much trouble with the bears constantly digging up the tracks.”

Milepost mystery
Outside the bookstore, two women were looking at the Milepost map in the window:
“Look. Juneau’s way up here. I’m surprised we didn’t need our passports when we got off the ship.”

Weather warps families
A train agent at the end of a tour was greeted by one passenger who shouted: “Where’s the sun?”
The agent answered, “Which one? I have two. One in Seattle and one in Houston.”

No break in the wind yet - keep gusting our way for at least one more issue!