-Heard on the Wind-

‘DAT ain’t right, y’all
Heard on a D.A.T. bus: “At what elevation does a caribou become a moose?”
Heard on the ore dock: A very confused lady said, “All of the signs around here say ‘White Pass’ but my ticket is yellow –Where do I go?”

Baltic blunder
A man said goodbye in Russian to a Bulgarian clerk.
The clerk said, “I am not Russian, I am Bulgarian.”
The man asked, “What language do you speak in your country?”
“Oh, my God! You have your own language?”

Mercantile madness
A lady came into the mercantile, wanting to know if we had some string or tape to repair her shoe sole that had come loose. The office manager found the packing tape gun and proceeded to wrap tape a couple of times around the shoe. I said to the lady, “All we need now is to put a stamp on your hiney and we could mail you back home!” The lady asked, “Do you have UPS services here?”
An older couple came into the mercantile searching for wood animal carvings to take home for souvenirs, of which we had none. “You don’t have any eagles or otters or bears in this store?” they asked. “Sorry, no, we do not,” I replied. Their next question I had no response to: “Do you have a wooden beaver?”
In conversation with a young couple at the mercantile, we were discussing their travels thus far. Out of curiosity, I asked where they were headed tomorrow. Their reply was “Sewage.”(Seward).
Some young crew members came into the mercantile and asked where the nearest basketball court was. My reply was the rec. center. One young man asked, “Where is the nearest Footlocker?”
We had had rain in Skagway for 6-7 days straight; the tourists had also experienced rain during their whole vacation. When this couple came into the mercantile this morning, the lady asked me, “Soooooo, since there’s been so much rain in Alaska over the past week, does that make the puffins come out of hibernation?” I couldn’t miss the opportunity that was knocking at my door. I replied, “Yes mam... if you’ll be at the corner of 5th and Broadway at around 3 p.m., they’re scheduled to make an appearance today!”

A certain employee answering phones at the train depot is suffering from yet another case of Carpal Tounguel Syndrome when she cheerfully took an incoming call and said: “White Pass Wailwoad, how may I hewp you?”

Yes, the end is in sight, and with all those sales going on, the questions will get a little more challenging. Are you up for it? We hope so! Let it blow this way.