-Heard on the Wind-

On a windy, chilly day this remark was heard coming from a tourist.
“See all those guys in coats – they’re off the boat. See that guy in a Hawaiian shirt? He’s a local.”

A woman asked someone in the hardware store, “How many feet below sea level are we?”
The reply was that we’re a few feet above sea level, to which she responded, “I don’t think so, I saw the dikes holding back the sea when we came in on the ship!”

Man checking into the second floor of a local hotel: “Do you have an elevator?”
“No, there’s only one elevator in town, at City Hall,” he was told.
“OK, now where do I find that?” he replied.

Overheard at the museum:
“These are the artifacts from the distant past.”
A parent said to a kid, “Look at this computer.”
The kid says, “That’s a typewriter.”
Parent: “Oh.”

A salesclerk informs a customer that the book he’s inquired about is illustrated. The man asks, “Does it have pictures?”

A man is overheard saying as he crossed the street in front of the railroad depot: “There’s too many people here!”

After a man asked a store clerk several questions, re: current stock market information, he wanted to know if there was a brokerage house here (in a town of 864!).
His wife looked at him, and said, “Honey, just be miserable.”
Don’t you just love the honesty in this relationship.

A local 13-year-old, on meeting the new exchange student from Germany, asked, “Do you speak German?”

Overheard a rider on No. 73 remarking after the announcer said the train would be doing a roll-by, “Honey, they’re going to do a drive by!”

Two women visitors met up on the boardwalk and this is their exchange: “What did you see on the tour?” one asks. “Trees, trees, rocks, rocks, trees, trees, rocks, rocks,” is her reply.

Yes, someone did ask the clerk at the railroad depot if she should pay in U.S. or Canadian funds.

Fishing at Pullen Creek, a pair of locals were asked about the salmon run. The man was told about the life cycle, type of salmon by these knowledgeable pair of anglers. “Do they spawn in the water?” the man asked.
However, oddly enough, there was a pair of hikers on the Chilkoot Trail during the recent flooding who did see salmon on the trail.

A local businesswoman reported that a resident came in and said, “Jan Wrentmore bought the Bartlett on-line (the Alaska ferry recently sold on eBay), that’s why she’s against the road, she’s going to run her own ferry service.”
Wrentmore, when asked about this said, “I wish it were true, that would be a great party boat.”

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