NPS archaeologist Andy Higgs explains the digging process to 13-year-old Gabriel Caudell in from of the Moor cabin.. The Park Service is searching for evidence of a shed on the Moore property before it begins a landscape project. AC-C

-Heard on the Wind-

Ahhh, the hot weather and the coming lateness of the season has given us a heightened level of windyness...Enjoy!

A charter fish boat operator nudged his boat to within about 30 feet of shore to give his clients a good view of a waterfall, and one client asked, “How far are we from land?”
A bike tour operator on a summit tour was asked, “Do we ride down the glacier?”
A cruise passenger stopped to admire the beautiful ice sculpture on a ship and then asked a member of the wait staff, “What is that made of?”
“What’s the ice made of?”
A woman got her husband’s attention, pointed to the tops of the mountains down the inlet and said, “Oh, look at those glaciers up there – were they there this morning?”
A dock security worker was asked, “Where’s the Macy’s”?
Said by a tourist while on a Chilkoot hike and float tour, “Where do you put the glacial silt when all us tourists go away?”
And from another river rafter, “Doesn’t anyone come and clear out the trees that wash into the river?”
“That’s too bad!”
And from the front desk of a very large hotel in town, this accumulation:
“We’re ready to go to dinner now. Please call one of those bicycle things to pick us up.”
“This train, does it go to Haines?”
“There are two beds in our room. Can we use both?”
“Does the town have a holding tank for whales, like they have at Sea World, out in the Lynn Canal somewhere?”
In a gift shop, a visitor asked, after looking at a $2 mineral sample, “Why don’t they have any gold on here?”
And then, while looking at a book on mammoths, a visitor pointed at a picture and said, disbelievingly, “Is this for real?”
The clerk held her tongue, which wanted to say, “No, we made it all up. We made up the dinosaurs, too.”
And for those who assume we are geographically challenged, a visitor asked: “I’m from Minnesota. Do you know where that is?”
Some questions are just plain fishy.
Passing by Pullen Creek on the train, and seeing it full of salmon, a woman asked the conductor: Are there any smoked salmon in there?”
And at the Liarsville salmon bake, a woman said to another: “This really is the wilderness, did you see the Dead End sign as we came in?”
And back on the ship, a visitor asked someone at the shore excursion desk if the elevator went to the front of the ship, but that didn’t top this one: “What time will it be at this time tomorrow?”

Only a month to go, so keep scratching those little notes and turning them in to the News Depot staff, or slip them to the editor any time. Day or night, he will wake up with the wind.