Fire Chief Mark Kirk extinguishes a fire in an ash bin atop one of the new trash receptacles in the Historic District. Someone had apparently stuffed paper in the section marked "Butts." Jeff Brady

-Heard on the Wind-

Jewelry to the rescue
Upon hearing of the decline of Skagway’s population after the gold rush, a woman on a town tour remarked, “It’s a good thing the jewelry stores came in and saved the town.”

Trimmed nicely
A woman at the corner of 2nd and Broadway looked at a friend and said of her traveling companions, “They’re in the Red Onion Salon.”

Who are we?
At a photo gallery on a ship where hundreds of photos from the cruise are displayed, more than one visitor has remarked, “How do I know which one is me?”

Ivory tower
A visitor walked in a store and remarked about all the ivory carvings in town and wondered aloud, “Where do you keep the elephants?”
To which the clerk responded, “In a pen on the other side of town because of the smell.”

Directional beacons
A visitor asked, “Can you see the northern lights here, or is that only on the East coast?”

AND FINALLY, SOME OF MARIE DRAKE’S “TOURIST TWADDLE” from the archives, courtesy of Bea Lingle:
“Do you burn seal oil in the northern lights?
Do you have six-month days and six-month nights?
When winter comes and there are no boats,
Do you get your milk from the mountain goats?”

Just two more issues of wind, so keep the twaddle coming. We promise not to tattle!