Flowers in Full Bloom

Visitors and local residents walk around the displays at the start of the show at Skagway’s A.B. Hall.
Photos by Jeff Brady

Prize dahlias by Wanda Warner, Gladys Moran and Nancy Schave. Debbie Ackerman with her Bing Crosby Rose and ribbon.

Gladys Moran holds her Lynne Ruff award in front of one of her prize begonia plants.

2005 Eastern Star Flower & Garden Show Awards

Edie Lee Award for Skagway’s Finest Garden: Leslie Dodd (award donated by Steve and Salli Reeder)
Lynne Ruff Award Blue Ribbon Award: Gladys Moran’s begonia
Elma McMillan Outstanding Rose Award: Debbie Ackerman’s Bing Crosby Rose
Chamber of Commerce Golden Trowel Award for best business display: 1st. Sgt. Preston’s Lodge, Honorable Mention Skagway Fish Co.
Children’s: 1st. Bonnie Blanchard, 2nd. Colton and Wyatt Belisle.
Roses: 1st. Nancy Schave, 2nd. Bill Hunz, Honorable Mention Suzanne Hartson.
Begonia: 1st. Gladys Moran, 2nd. Deb Boettcher.
Dahlia: 1st. Wanda Warner, 2nd. Gladys Moran, Honorable Mention Nancy Schave.
Sweet Peas: 1st. Dorothy Brady, 2nd. Betsy Albecker.
Mixed Bouquet: 1st. Lizzie Carlson, 2nd. Joanne Beierly, Honorable Mention Dorothy Brady.
Lily: 1st. Darren Belisle, 2nd. Judy Mallory.
Petunias: 1st. Judy Mallory, 2nd Tina Cyr.
Fruit: Nancy Schave, 2nd. Su Rappleye.
Veggie Display: 1st. Su Rappleye, 2nd. Justin Henry, Honorable Mention Dorothy Brady.
Veggie Special: 1st. Jeff Ruff’s cabbage, 2nd. Ron Ackerman’s pepper plant, Honorable Mention The White House’s zucchini.
Most Improved Garden: 1st. Angie Cremata, 2nd. Emily Willis.
Most Unusual: 1st. Gladys Moran’s moss chair, 2nd. Betsy Albecker’s trio of plants.
Most Spectacular Container: 1st. John Tronrud, 2nd. Gloria Blanchard, Honorable Mention Nancy Schave.
Most Creative: 1st. Tina Cyr’s displays, 2nd. Reba Radey’s boots and petunias.