Brave Bird

This great blue heron has been popping up on the library and even on vehicles in town. JB and Greg Jones

-Heard on the Wind-

Train hurls and heaves
“We’re geting on that train in half an hour. You’d better take this Dramamine.”
“We’re taking the Skagway train today. Does it go to Denali?”

All-knowing newsie stumped
As a Skaguay Alaskan newsie tried to give a paper to a gentlemen on the Broadway Dock, the man responded,
“I think you gave one to my wife. Do you know where she went?”

Frontier franchising
“This place ain’t much of a frontier
It’s got a Starbucks.”

Long lake to China
A visitor who hiked to Sturgill’s Landing reported seeing a huge lake there. When told it was the Pacific Ocean, she said, “Oh, I wondered how big boats had gotten there.”

Squirrel follow-up
A local came up to the Railroad Dock “Squirrel Abatement Specialist” (see last issue) and asked, “Did you get enough to make a hat?”

Yes, it’s almost hunting season, but no matter what the bumper sticker says, we can’t hunt them – we can only trap them. Send more trappings, please, to the windy one: