Walking and taking pictures in the middle of the street takes talent...

-Heard on the Wind-

A teenage boy and girl were trying to grab salmon out of Pullen Creek. The boy was finally successful, only for a few seconds, holding up a 5-pounder by the tail.
His sister, in an authentic Alaska raccoon skin cap, exclaimed, “ Let it go, you’re choking it to death!”
From the visitor center: 1.“Its good to see real live people.” 2. “Do they do anything besides walk on the walking tour?”
A car passed a man standing in the middle of Broadway, who was heard saying, “Where else can you go on vacation, stand in the middle of Main Street and not get run down by a car?”
The car’s occupant felt like saying, “And we love you when you do that, too, buddy.”
A hotel guest asked if the water temperature on the clothes washing machine was marked in Celsius or Fahrenheit. She was told it was marked “Hot” and “Cold.”
A woman walked into a store to purchase some warmer clothing, complaining that she didn’t realize it was going to be so cold here.
The clerk explained to her that she was quite far north, and asked why she thought it would be warm here.
The visitor replied, “Well, it’s right next to Hawaii on the map.”

But that’s on the map that makes the earth look flat, right? The windy one is so confused. Having Alaska down there next to Hawaii makes perfect sense in wintertime. Let’s hear more. The season is starting to wind down and the locals are getting punchy, including the windy one. Drop off your submissions at the News Depot or e-mail skagnews@aptalaska.net