Everything, when it comes to hanging out with Kathy Cooney and the windy one (Jeff Brady) at a book signing for Skagway: City of the New Century. Cooney, the cover artist, was back in town during the week of Aug. 12th. - Katie Emmets


 A passenger on a small bus tour asked a driver, “What are the regulations for how far you are supposed to stand away from a bear if you see one in the wild?”

And a few more questions:
“When do the smoked salmon run?”
“What color is your water?”
“Where can I take a virtual tour?”

A man came into the visitor center and asked where he could mail a postcard. He was told that if it had a stamp, he could use the VC mailbox.
He then asked, “Where can I mail it without a stamp”
“Nowhere,” the VC staff replied.

After being driven through town and having various employee housing buildings pointed out and then ending up at the overlook with a great view of the town, a visitor repeatedly asked, “But where do the people live?”

When going by the pipe at Pitchfork Falls, a tour driver explains its purpose as a hydroelectric source of power.
On one tour she is then asked, “Why do they need a pipe, it’s already flowing down?”
On another tour: “What could they possibly be piping up there?”
And then, from the same ladies: “Are those mountains?”
“Yes they are,” the driver replied.
“Are you sure they’re not hills?”
“Yes, some of the peaks are up to 7,000 feet here.”
“But they don’t have snow on them. I thought that’s what classified a mountain.”

At an event with a large number of Disney cruise families, a young mother walked past a conversation about the diamond jewelers in town and over her shoulder said, “I don’t need no diamond jewerlry and I don’t need no fake boobs. I’m perfect just as I am.”

A driver was guiding a tour out to Dyea and they stopped to watch humpback whales in Long Bay. After a while this lady turns to the guide and says, “Is that a whole whale?”

On a tour up to mushers’ camp in Dyea a driver was explaining the Unimog for the trip up the mountain, which has seating for 22 on the bed with a roof and is open on all four sides. He was saying that the cab is sealed so it can drive under water up to the roof.
A 6-year-old girl sitting in front of him said, “how can that be?”
Her mother and the driver tried to explain it to her, but after a couple of attempts the little girl said, “But we would all drown; there are no windows back here?”

Congrats to tour driver Jerry Gentile on winning this month’s drawing for a free book! We’ve got one more month to go wind keepers. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, watch out for runners on the highway, school children on their bikes, and tourists in the middle of the street. Bring you wind into the book store or track down the windy one. Final drawing will be with the last wind of the season on Sept. 27.