PRESSED INTO SERVICE – Search and Rescue’s Dan Fangmeier unties a raft pinned against the pilings of the Pat Moore footbridge. When SAR arrived at the scene Aug. 9 four of the five rafters had made it to shore. The fifth swam to shore after their arrival. – Ken Cox, SPD

-Heard on the Wind-

Next time, try 411...
A woman could not figure out why the Ryndam’s phone number wasn’t in the Skagway telephone book.

Russian influence supplanted...
A middle-aged woman to her husband who has his camera focused on the Golden North Hotel: “I believe it’s Greek Orthodox. Wouldn’t you agree dear?”

Christmas comes early...
A child in the visitor center asked his mother if it was Christmas in Alaska, since he had seen ornaments in the windows?
His mother told him, “No, Christmas in Alaska was at the same time as everywhere else.”

Playing hide and seek...
Customer: “Where can I find wolves?”
Clerk: “Excuse me?”
Customer: “You know, WOLVES. Could I find one in town? At a reservation or something?”
Clerk: “No.”
Customer: “Oh. They like to hide. What about moose? Do they like to hide too?”

A bear was spotted peeking through the bushes while guests were eating at Liarsville Salmon Bake . A woman asked, “Is it real?”

Even locals are getting a little fatigued...
A popcorn wagon purveyor recently asked a customer if she wanted popcorn on her popcorn.

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