The Hambone emerge victorious for the fifth time as Josh "Sauce" Coughran defends third base. RW

Drive for Five a reality for Hambones

It was a great week for American sports.
Lance Armstrong was relishing in the victory of his fifth consecutive Tour de France as the Hambones took five in a row at the Skagway Co-ed Softball League tournament.
“It was one of the best tournaments we’ve ever had,” said Commissioner of Softball Dave Mielke of the Aug. 1 and 2 event.
With the players all busy with summer employment, Mielke decided to compress the tournament from several weeks to just two days. The decision appeared to be a good one, as it was complimented by many.
Another aspect of the tournament that received accolades was the condition of the fields.
“We want to thank the City of Skagway for all of their hard work,” said Vigilante first baseman Ryan Ackerman.
The finals of the double elimination tournament shaped up to be a replay of last years, much to the dismay of the RBI team.
RBI, who was knocked out of last years finals, went into the tourney with confidence, having emerged victorious at the Fourth of July International Tournament.
The Hambones proved to be the powerhouse of the weekend, being the only team to suffer no losses. RBI lost early on to the surprise team of the tourney, North Country, which put them in a tough situation for the championship game.
Last year it was RBI with no losses and the ‘Bones with one, which forced the Hambones to win twice to take the title.
RBI hoped for the two necessary wins. They were on track for success, too, with a 3-0 lead after the first. Unfortunately for them, the Hambones picked up their defensive game.
The second inning was a defensive battle with no runs from either dugout, just like the third.
RBI continued to struggle offensively in the fourth with no runs, but the big hitters on the ‘Bones got them on the board with six runs, putting them up by three.
RBI managed to get some hits in the fifth, but a barehanded double play by Savannah Ames ended the inning with no change in the score.
The defending champs knocked in one more run in the seventh inning, making the final score 7 to 3 for the Hambones.
As the ‘Bones relished in their victory, Hambone first baseman Cindy O’Daniel summed up the team’s sentiment.
“We started out stinky, but the standings speak for themselves,” she said.

Moes' Cory "Highflower" Thole retires his cleats after 8 seasons. Tensions run high in the Hambone's dugout. RW

Aug. 3, 2003 Yukon River Trail Marathon,

Half Marathon and Relay Results (Skagway results)

26.2 Mile Marathon: Ben Seale 4:51:29

Four Person Mixed: (Running for the Mayor) Mike Catsi 35:22, Pete Luchetti 51:49, Rose Perrato 1:00:18, Philip Clark 55:02 (3:22:31 total).

Four Person Mens: (The Green Bananas) Tim Fairbanks 1:08:07, Rod Fairbanks 41:12, Kyle Fairbanks 57:22, John L, O’Daniel 1:11:41 (3:58:22 total)

Two Person Mixed: Jeremy Simmons 1:25:19, Liz Ruff 2:25:05 (4:20:24 total)

Half Marathon: Dennis Bousson 2:28:39, Mike Korsmo 2:28:39