-Heard on the Wind-

Standing on the Railroad Dock, as a North Country pedicab rode by, I heard a tourist in the back say, “Skagway is weird!”

On a quiet Friday, when only the Sun Princess was in port, a tour operator overheard two tourists chitchatting on the bus prior to the tour departure. When one lady mentioned she was on the Sun Princess, the other responded, “Really? I’m on the Sun Princess too!”
What a coincidence...

A tour driver was recently asked whether the salmon swim up Bridal Veil Falls and Pitchfork Falls.

An Einstein has a theory...
At the end of the Railroad Dock, a man says, “This is a floating dock. I know, because there’s water underneath it.”

Today at the post office, while talking with Doug at the counter the person behind me asked if we were “Live people”– pause – “do you live here year-round?” Doug took his pulse and replied. “Yes.”

An hour later, I told a customer the Northern Lights were out last night.
She asked what time they would be out again tonight?

And finally, a person who must have never been read any childhood books on wildlife.
A fish charter guide took some clients by a rock where a few seals had hauled out.
A customer turned to him and asked, “Do they fly?”
The guide said, “Yes.” And with a straight face.

Hannah O’Daniel, Katie Hocking, and Kaylie O’Daniel stand ready to serve you lemonade and cookies on a sunny day at their stand next to Fairway Market. Dimitra Lavrakas