Championship Celebration

Members of the winning B&S team get rowdy after their big 9-8 title win over the Brewers. AD

Skagway Coed League trophy returns to B&S

Story and Photos by Aniela Drozdowska

 The 2009 Skagway Softball season has come to an end. B&S took the pennant this season and won the championship tourney over last season’s winners, the Brewers. In a very competitive game the final score was 9-8 last Saturday.
This was a well deserved win for B&S. They had the best record in the league. They also won the Division A title in the Fourth of July Tournament, as well as the Division B title for both the men and the women in Whitehorse’s Dustball tournament.
For the Brewers, the true win was over the Hambones to get into the championship game. Brewers shortstop Joe Caveno caught Josh “Sauce” Coughran’s hit for the final play of the game. Joe threw his glove and the ball into the air in victory. Entering the dugout he cried out “I’ve never beat the Hambones!”
He has been playing for various teams since 2001, without a single victory over the ‘Bones. The final score was 17-14. Nate Kaczmarek, of the Brewers outfield may have said it best, “I like to think we put on a good show for the fans today.”
The entire 2009 season went well. As usual, all teams competed well this summer. New this year, the concessions stand was open every night helping students raise money for the high school’s Smithsonian science trip to Puerto Rico next spring.
Another new addition was a home run derby following the championship game. Eight heavy hitters competed, and Ben Seale won after the tie breaker against Nate Jennings.
Heard on the Field – “Hambones last season?” Say it ain’t so, OD!