Garden City lives up to its name

 Flowers and plants filled Arctic Brotherhood Hall during the annual Order of the Eastern Star Flower and Garden Show.
More than 300 people attended the three-day show that benefitted the OES scholarship fund. The entries definitely benefitted from this summer’s sunny weather.
“It’s been a good year for flowers,” said Debbie Ackerman, who won a first-place ribbon for her pansies. Ackerman was last year’s Edie Lee Award winner.
This year’s Edie Lee winners were Kelly and Raymond Calver.
Calver said it was “way unexpected.” While other Skagwegians were taking entries to AB Hall, he and his wife were in Sitka having a baby.
“We thought it was awesome,” he said.
The garden at their Dyea Road home is filled with flowers and hanging baskets, he said.
Judy Mallory also photographed gardens around town for three displays. She created two small showcases – “best of wheel barrel gardens” and a “critter gardens” display – and a larger board displaying parts of 42 gardens around town called “Skagway’s secret gardens.” Show-goers were invited to guess which garden each photo was taken in.
This year’s show had a larger field of kid entries than years past. The category included about a dozen entrants, most of whom were first-timers at the flower show. The Zalit kids dominated the show, with entries from Lily, Isaac and Harrison. Harrison’s strawberry plant took second place, beat only by Samantha and Remington Wiley’s joint-effort Coleus plant. Dainean Teeluk’s bouqet won third.
The show was held August 9 to 11. –MD

2009 Award Winners
Edie Lee: Kelly and Raymond Calver
Lynne Ruff Best in Show: Lizzie Carlson, Red Rose
Elma McMillen Rose Award: Nancy Schave
First: Samantha and Remington Wiley
Second: Harrison Zalit, Strawberry
Third: Dainean Teeluk, Bouquet
House Plant
First: Marlene McCluskey
Second: Tina Cyr
Third: Bianca Barger
First: D. Boettchor
Second: Gladys Moran
Third: Chris Ellis
First: Laurie Sullivan (potted)
Second: Nancy Schave (potted)
Third: Laurie Sullivan (cut)
First: Lizzie Carlson
Second: Dorothy Brady
Third: Su Rappleye
First: Debbie Ackerman, Dueling Pansies
Second: Gladys Moran
Third: Marlene McCluskey
First: Chris Ellis, Cala lily
Second: Bonnie Nelson, Lily
Third: Nancy Schave, Glads
First: Tina Cyr
Second: Laurie Sullivan
Third: Rene Soucek
Honorable Mention: Debbie Ackerman
First: Nancy Schave, Cherries
Second: Kay Ackerman, Strawberries
Third: Jan Nelson, Cherries
First: Elaine Brummett
Second: Deb Sanders, Beans
Third: Container Squash
First: Gladys Moran
Second: Eleanor Davenport
Third: Lizzie Carlson, Dill
Honorable Mention: Loya Zalit
First: Sheryl Dennis
Second: Lindsay Breen
Third: Elizabeth Burnham
First: Beegee Perry
Second: Laurie Sullivan
Third: Loya Zalit
Honorable Mention: Kay Ackerman
Most Unusual: John and Jan Tronrud
Most Creative: Elizabeth Burnham
Judge’s Choice: Lizzie Carlson, Poppy
Chamber of Commerce Golden Trowel (best business garden): Westmark Hotel

Photos by Jeff Brady