DYEA BIRDLIFE IN HUMPYVILLE The arrival of pink salmon into Nelson Slough in Dyea this month brought out a brown bear or two and many birds, which were easier to photograph safely. Top, two blue herons take flight, and below a pair of male humpies swim toward the spawning grounds while a gull watches another salmon cling to life before tearing into it. Jeff Brady

Sitting near the footbridge at Dyea watching the salmon and waiting patiently for the grizzly to show up, a local was asked by a passing tourist “Why do they call it the salmon run when the salmon can't really run?”
A father and son were discussing whether there were Sasquatch in Alaska, and asked the windy one for his opinion.
“Absolutely, we know Sasquatch,” said the windy one. “Sasquatch Prom Date played here last week.”
Confused, the visitor relayed this to his son, adding, “Must be a different Sasquatch.”
Asked of the staff at the visitor center: “Are your bathrooms for people?”

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