Capt. Nenad Mogic hands WP&YR Vice President Michael Brandt a plaque during an Inaugural Call and Plaque Exchange onboard the Norwegian Dream July 25. This is the cruise ship’s first season visiting Skagway. Casey Grove

-Heard on the Wind-

Fish tales
A visitor fresh off the ship, riding the train, asked one of the men working in the cars as they pass the RV park with boats in the yard, “Why are there boats here? What would you do with them? Where would you go fishing? There aren’t any lakes around, are there?”

Wooden brains
A store clerk directed a woman to the AB Hall, referring to is at the driftwood-covered building. “Is that really wood?” the woman asked.
Another person walking by the building asked, “So, is that building just cement, or is it actually made of real wood?”
A person looking at a watercolor painting of the AB Hall asked, “Is that a picture of this hotel (Westmark)?”

Training wheels
“Are the seats on the train padded?”
“I’m going to Fraser tomorrow. Do I have to turn my alarm clock ahead tonight?
“How come they’re not using helicopters to put out the fire?” The wily train guide suggested dumping out their water bottles instead.

Scenic wonders
A tourist standing at the corner of Broadway and Third, looked around and said, “This is the scenic route, you know”

Casual attire
A man dressed in chain store polyester asked for a bag for his newspaper, with this excuse: “I don’t mind people knowing I’m a tourist, but I don’t want them to think I’m a rich tourist carrying the Wall Street Journal.”

Feels like Mexico
“Welcome to Cancun?” said a local jokingly to a visitor outside Skagway in the 85-degree heat on Tuesday. “Are we that far north?” she replied.

AND FINALLY, SOME OF MARIE DRAKE’S “TOURIST TWADDLE” from the archives, courtesy of Bea Lingle:
“Who pays the sawbill of a duck?
Does the porcupine when he’s out of luck?
This old sourdough stuff, is it good to eat?
Did you ever try to make it sweet?”

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