Wildlife Control

From the Wildlife Division...
Professional “Squirrel Abatement Specialist” Karen Briner announced Aug. 6 that she successfully relocated loquacious and bodacious squirrels from the Railroad Dock to the Gold Rush Cemetery, two miles north of town. deputy Trozzerelli (security guard) offered vital assistance in the day-long project. Briner said, “all went well and no squirrels were harmed in the process, but my cat carrier is pretty messed up. Alas, a squirrel had returned to the dock by Tuesday.
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-Heard on the Wind-

From the train...
As the narrator on the train was pointing out the Carmack Glacier, sitting some 5,000 feet up the mountain, one older woman turned to her friend and said: “Look, that’s what the Titanic hit.”

And the next day, a man asked if all those red berries along the track were blueberries.

From the streets...
A woman asked a local, “What time does town open?”

While looking at the model sluice box in Richter’s window, a visitor exclaimed, “Look, that’s real water!”

“What’s that mountain?” a visitor asked.
“That’s Mount Harding,” a local replied. “The Harding Glacier’s below it.”
“See the ice reflecting the sunlight below the mountain?”
“That looks like a mountain with snow on it,” the visitor replied. “I thought glaciers were moving bodies of frozen water.”

“Are those the bones of all the dead horses on the front of the building?”

From the laundromat...
“How’s your trip to Alaska going?”
“It’s been one continuous post card.”

From a hillside home...
“Do you know where the next disc golf hole is?”

What a nice ending, but the end is not as near as you think. Still six weeks to go, with an election coming up as well. Time to test the political waters, don’t you think, and see what visitors think about our issues.