Finally, some risqué wind from the street madames at the RO to start us off:

A visitor walked up to a madame and asked, “Don’t you know those things are for breastfeeding?!”
The madame looked down, and looked up, “Do you know Jesus is your Lord and Saviour?”

A gentleman said to a madame who was standing in the rain, “Aren’t you getting all wet?”
“Yes sir!” the madame replied. “It’s part of my job and I’m good at it!”
Two men who traveled by motorcycle to Skagway were asked where they were from. When they said, “Juneau,” a visitor asked, “Did you take the ferry or did you drive through Canada?”
A woman looking toward a glacier remarked, “Oh look, there’s a glacier. What a pretty color it is.”
Her husband agreed, and said, “That blue color means it’s a new one.”
A visitor was checking out a map and said, "Oh! That's where the Matzo Valley is."
A woman slid her hand across the driftwood on the counter at the AB Hall and asked: "Do they make houses out of these sticks?"
Two men passed by the News Depot with the gold rocks in the window.
“Look, real gold!” said one.
“No, that can’t be real gold!” replied the other. “Why would they put real gold in the window?”
“It has to be real. That’s false advertising!”
A man walking down the boardwalk noticed a SMART shuttle bus with its doors open. Then a crow walked up to the open door, crouching like it was ready to jump inside the bus, and the driver shut the door and drove off.
“No free rides,” remarked the man to the crow.
Another man who had been watching the episode chimed in, “I guess he didn’t have two bucks.”
A young girl walking by the bookstore looked over to the next block at the yellow and red jewelry store and asked, “Look at that yellow building, is that McDonald’s?”
Last we checked, the Golden Arches were at the top of the Chilkoot Pass. Remember the great Jeff Brown postcard from a few years back, before McDonald’s made him stop printing them? Alas, the windy one digresses. Keep the good winds blowing, with a little less rain. E-mail them to the address below or drop off at the bookstore.