Not how they planned the BBQ

The most damage caused by a recent fire in the Pullen Park barbecue gazebo was a few soggy lunches.
The Skagway Fire Department responded to a fire in the park Thursday, Aug. 2. Fire Chief Mark Kirko said the fire appeared to be caused by a combination of things.
“Mostly the people using the grill probably put on too much lighter fluid,” he said. He said the flames resulted in an “abrupt, quick stack fire,” that quickly subsided on its own due to lack of fuel.
Kirko estimated the fire burned two minutes at the most, causing no damage to the area. Within minutes after the firefighters doused the grill and stack, the party moved back into the gazebo to resume roasting hot dogs and hamburgers.– Casey "Dookie" Dean

-Heard on the Wind-

“Honey, that can’t possibly be the real Wells Fargo. This town couldn’t possibly support a bank.”

A people mover driver on the dock was asked by a passenger. “So how much farther does Puget Sound go?”
“Mam,” he replied. “Puget Sound is in Washington state.”
“We’re not in Washington anymore?!”

Visitor asks if the weather is bad, will the train miss any elevations?