Coach Frank Ostanik poses with Skagway kids during a basketball clinic last month. “Coach O,” as kids affectionately call him, is a long-time college and high school basketball coach from Fairbanks. He held three clinics in Skagway for various age groups of kids. School starts Aug. 15, so drivers be wary and keep an eye out for kids on the streets going to and from school. – Submitted by Skagway School


While on a wildlife watching tour, onlookers saw three different whales, a handful of seals, an eagle’s nest, and a waterfall. After seeing such a variety, a tourist from LA looked over at the tour guide and asked, “Are we gonna see anything?”

“Where’s the shopping center?” a man asked.
When told downtown Skagway has just about everything, he grumbled, “No shopping center?”

After a guy walks in the rock shop and lets loose a few “Wows” he then asks what’s the coolest thing in the shop.
“You’re looking at it,” replies the proprietor.
“Fair enough,” says the customer. “Wow, wow. Let me rephrase that. What’s the oldest thing you have in here?”
“You’re looking at it.”

Overheard from the newsroom window: “I love this place. It’s like being in a western. I keep waiting for the horse to come along.”

Getting kind of thin, gang. Are the dog days of August setting in? Are you just too busy to write it down? Are you too tired to remember? Well, we have the cure for you: KATHY COONEY is coming to town! See her at the bookstore on Aug. 16th. Check out her book covers and bring forth wind, or make your own. She surely will!