From top, boats from Skagway are seen at the entrance to Taiya Inlet with the Chilkat Range looming behind; a catch and a catcher; Lou Caposey waves from his boat with passengers Al Drake and Justin Henry; and the Clem family and Capt. Greg Jones gathers around young Dawson’s big fish, caught on Jones’ charter boat. Compete results below.

Photos by Andrew Cremata

Third Annual
Pat Moore Memorial Game Fish Derby Winners List

Top King Salmon Winners
1st Marie Helm Carcross, YT - 25.50 lbs.
2nd Garrett Thering - El Paso, Texas - 21.25
3rd Nigel Stubbins - Whitehorse, YT - 20.70
4th Mitch Malchow - Whitehorse, YT - 20.30
5th Mike Seivert - Rohnert, California - 18.65
6th Ellie Atkinson - Whitehorse, YT - 18.50
7th Bill Atkinson - Bulgaria - 18.45
8th Dawson Clem - Skagway, AK - 18.20
9th Cheryl Olsen - Whitehorse, YT - 16.40
10th Matt O’Boyle - Skagway, AK - 16.30
11th Tammy Cromarty - Whitehorse, YT - 15.70

Special Prizes
Tourist’s Special 8/3 - Bob Thering - El Paso, Texas
Tourist’s Special 8/4 - Steve Haynor - Ciloquin, Oregon
Tourist’s Special 8/5 - n/a
Tourist’s Special 8/10 - Brad Gihl - Chicago, Ill.
Tourist’s Special 8/11 - Craig Wilson - Syracuse, UT

Daily Prize 8/3 - David Krocker
Daily Prize 8/4 - Tammy Cromarty
Daily Prize 8/5 - Keith Knorr
Daily Prize 8/10 - Dawson Clem
Daily Prize 8/11 - Bill Atkinson
Daily Prize 8/12 - Mitch Malchow

Skagway Locals Prize - Dawson Clem
Yukon Residents Prize - Marie Helm
Heaviest Angler Award - Ellie Atkinson ñ 52.70
Pat Moore Sportsman Award - Steve Bagwell
Shore Fisherman Award - n/a
Senior Award - Lou Caposey
Summer Worker Prize - Svetoslav Karaivanov
Consolation Prize - Ellie Atkinson
For The Halibut Prize - Matt O’Boyle
For The Dogs Prize - Derek Sather

Youth Prizes -
Overall Largest - Garrett Thering - 21.25
Youngest - Dawson Clem
Female Youth - Tayler Olsen
Male Youth - Garrett Thering
Youth First King - Garrett Thering
Youth Most Pounds - Garrett Thering
Largest Dolly Varden - Rebecca Hollander

Women’s Prizes
Largest - Marie Helm - 25.50
Most Pounds Entered - Ellie Atkinson

Ralph Fuller Award - Greg Jones

Secret Prize #1 - Dawson Clem
Secret Prize #2 - Derek Sather
Secret Prize #3 - Chris King
Secret Prize #4 - Derek Sather
Secret Prize #5 - Billi Clem


Derby Days are Here

SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE – Those are the sizes coming in so far after one weekend of the 3rd annual Pat Moore Memorial Game Fish Derby. Above, Carcross’s Marie Helm displays the leading king salmon at 25.5 lbs; Below, Matt O’Boyle holds his leading 3.3 pound halibut, Rebecca Hollander cradles her 1.6 pound Dolly Varden, kids art and essay winners take a free charter on the “Dock Holiday”; and even the humpback whales in the harbor got involved in the fishing, though hopefully they left all the big ones for us humans. The derby resumes at 6 a.m. Friday and concludes at noon Sunday. The Awards BBQ is at 4 p.m. at Pullen Pond