Junior Ranger Day

Harrison Zalit pulls a dummy through the grass as part of a firefighter drill during Junior Ranger Day. Participants had to scurry through a tunnel and put out fake fires all while under a time crunch. Zalit finished first amongst his peers. EG


Two older gentlemen were walking behind their wives on Broadway.
One turned to the other and said, “I think this is one of those ‘get-off-the-ship-and-shop’ tours!”
A customer at the Klothes Rush was seen looking at the “Isn’t Texas Cute?” shirt with the state of Texas inside the state of Alaska. He looked confused and shocked.
“Is this true?” he asked.
“Yes,” the clerk replied. “Alaska is bigger than Texas.”
Still shocked, the man looked at his wife and asked, “Did you know this, honey?”
Equally shocked, she said, “No, I’m just learning this like you!”
“I can’t believe this!” the man exclaimed.
The clerk applied the finishing blow: “Yes, my state is bigger than yours.”
A man walked into the old Golden North Hotel lobby, which is now a tour sales office, and asked, “Do you have any rooms available?”
“How long do you want it for?” the sales agent joked. “One hour or two?”
“Yes, that would be fine,” the customer replied.
“Well, the Westmark is right across the street and they have 100 rooms for rent.”
“Thanks,” the man said, and walked off toward the Westmark holding hands with his significant other.
And more questions from the visitor center, take your pick:
“Why is it so hot here?”
“Where is the Costco?”
“Is this Whitehorse?”
“It’s so weird because we are in Alaska, but we are also in America?”
“What is hiking?”
“Do you have the ‘How to NOT get eaten by a bear’ brochure here?”
“What happens if a grizzly bear comes closer to the coast? Do you shoot it?”
“If I throw a stick, will a bear chase it?”

The windy one is tempted to try the stick trick with the brown bear if it doesn’t get shot before reaching the coast. In all seriousness, keep your distance from any bear of any color. They are fun to watch chasing salmon, but they are no fun when chasing you. Congratulations to this month’s windy drawing winner, Elise from the Rock Shop, who will get a copy of Skagway: City of the New Century. Keep the wind in your thoughts and deliver it to the bookstore when nice and fresh. Next drawing at the end of August.