Pretty soon this will be the site of music in the wind. Workers from H and H Enterprises have been busy this month working to complete the new outdoor arts facility at Seventh Pasture park. - Katie Emmets


Overheard in Ketchikan, special for the windy one:
A tourist points at a cruise ship tied off at the dock in Ketchikan and asks, "Are those the zip lines?"
“Yes. If you will please prepare yourself, we are about to zip line into the side of the ship.”

Heard on the street:
A wind gatherer was walking from the Post Office to his car and heard, over his shoulder, "Oh, look dear. Amazon ships here too."

Heard on the bus:
Recently when the cottonwood fluff was heavy in the air, and the temperature was in the 70s, a tourist leaned forward towards the tour bus driver and asked - sincerely-, "Is that snow?"

From the backcountry store:
Recent conversation between a staff member and female customer:
Customer: "Are Xtratufs made with whale lard?"
Staff member (laughing): "No, Xtratufs are not made of whale lard."
Customer: "Why are you laughing, where can I find boots made of whale lard?!?!"

Dyea dissed by dimwit:
A man flagged down the windy one, who was walking along Spring Street in town and asked, “Dyea Road?”
Always helpful, the windy one replied, “Go out the highway on State Street, the cutoff is just north of town.”
“The winding road (he made motions) that’s dirt and ends on the flats?”
“Yep, that’s the one.”
He huffed, “I went there. I didn’t see s---t, just one eagle. I wanted a bear. Where’s the bear?”
The windy one was frustrated at this point, because he drives the Dyea Road daily and believes it to be one of the most beautiful coastal drives on the planet, ever-changing with the tides and the river’s meanderings with every storm, not to mention the abundant sea life on land and shore…
“They usually come out at night,” the windy one said, and watched the man drive into the lot to turn in his rental car, thinking it was probably the only time the man got out of the car.

Bears you want, bears we got, but you must be patient young Skywalkers – willing to stop, take in the view, and wait for the right moment. The same goes true for quality wind. Wait for it, wait for it, and then don’t forget to write it down and submit to the wind capture desk at your favorite bookstore for entry in our monthly drawing. This month’s winner is Rick Bannerman! Come on by the bookstore for a signed copy of The Arctic Brotherhood by Ashley Bowman, who will be here before you know it.