Nate Weiler, Chris Williams, Niki Teigland, Anne Marie Hasskamp, and Josh Hunter proudly display their fish with Capt. Mike Hardy. Photos by Andrew Cremata

31-pounder takes the prize
Pat Moore Derby packed into one weekend
About 125 people participated in the fourth annual Pat Moore Memorial Gamefish Derby, held July 10-13.
Organizer Andrew Cremata said almost everyone who participated caught a fish, and more than $14,000 was given away in prizes. First-place winner Dusty Fredricksen won $2,750 in cash, as well as other prizes, for his 31.85 pound fish, Cremata added.
Ticket sales were down from previous years for a number of reasons, including the weather and conflicting events, but overall the event was a success, Cremata said.
"I'm pretty proud of getting the derby pulled off this year," he said.
The event was rescheduled from its usual early August weekends due to the changes in chinook salmon regulations this summer. – MD

Nate Weiler kisses his fish; Katie Williams, Liz Mortenson and Sarah Dudley show off their fish after a day at the derby; Chris Williams inspects his catch; Lou Caposey, winner of the seniors and locals prize, hold his 26-pound fish, the third largest caught in the derby; and a salmon that's good enough to eat.

1. Dusty Fredricksen: 31.85 lbs
2. Ellie Atkinson: 27.60 lbs
3. Lou Caposey: 26.55 lbs
4. Joe Moore: 25.3 lbs
5. Parker Olson: 24.20 lbs
6. Nick Zacharelli: 22.05 lbs
7. Jody Millard: 21.95
8. Ken Olson: 21.65 lbs
9. Mike Felber: 21.55 lbs
10. Michael Welch: 21.35 lbs

Locals Prize : Lou Caposey
Seniors Prize: Lou Caposey
Yukoner Prize: Ellie Atkinson
Pat Moore Sportsman: Mike Korsmo
Ralph Fuller Award: Jimmy Cook
Derek Sather Award: Joe Warchuck
Summer Worker Prize: Dusty Fredricksen
Consolation Prize: Anna Korsmo
Youth Winner Boy: Parker Olsen
Youth Winner Girl: Taylor Olsen
Womenís Prize: Ellie Atkinson