Field Notes

White Pass's Crystal Ketterman takes off from the batter's box after smashing a hit.

White Pass women number one in B at Dust Ball

By Ani Drozdowska

Two local teams represented Skagway well at the Annual Dustball Tournament last weekend in Whitehorse. After two games of round robin bracket placement, both Skagwayís menís and womenís teams were placed in the B division.
The womenís team, White Pass, went on to win the B Division Championship. The deciding game was against another Alaskan team, Foggy Babes, from Haines.
ìIt was nice to play a challenging team.î mentioned Heather Seale. The two teams were equally matched, however Skagway beat Haines 7 to 6. The deciding play was a RBI by Megan Bonner. In the 8th inning, with the bases loaded Meganís hit advanced Sarah Gaither home.
The menís team, B&S Plumbing (Chicoís Bail Bonds of last tournament,) had an epic battle against their rivals, the Juneau Rounders.
Late at night, under grey skies, the first inning set the pace with 10 runs, no outs. After six innings, and 13 home runs, the competition ended, 37-33 with the Skagway men winning over the team they beat for the championship last year.
This however was not the championship game. After the bracket play skirmish, the menís team exhausted all hope for the championship again.
ìWe fell apart.î admitted Mark Jennings. After the final bracket play, the Skagway B&S team walked off the field with a 3rd place finish in the B bracket.


WHISKY Cup heads north again; Skagway team falls just short of a 3-peat

Skagway golfers battled back from a five-point deficit on the second day of the 17th annual WHISKY Cup tournament with their Yukon counterparts and nearly forced a playoff. The final score was Whitehorse 20.5 and Skagway 18.5. Above, Lee “Toogie” Hartson prepares to tee off with partner Garrett Henry, and right, during a “low level high stakes meeting” Skagway captain Mitch Snyder gathers up the final day scorecards and adds them up with Whitehorse captain Gary Acorn, as the rest of the crews have a beer. Photos by Jeff “I Saved the Hammer” Brady

Roller hockey fun for all ages
Skagway's group of amateur roller hockey enthusiasts get together every Wednesday night from 7pm to 9pm. This is certainly a pick-up game in the true sense of the term, and everyone is encouraged to come out and play. There is no age restriction, the youngest player is 12, and the oldest 38. This is a non-checking, not aggressive weekly get-together, but as in any sport, especially hockey, collisions and falls happen, so helmets and pads are highly encouraged. Feel free to just come out and watch, too.
Membership at the Skagway Recreation Center is not required, but the minimum five dollar daily fee is still mandatory for non-members. Gear is stocked, there are plenty of inline skates, sticks, pads, and helmets. There is even a full set of goalie fear for the truly daring.