Karla and Duff Ray finish cutting the ribbon on their new store, a Radio Shack, in the new Broadway Video location on Fifth Avenue on July 12. Jade Cook enjoys some of the free ice cream that was offered, as employee Garrett Hunt takes a picture. Karla said the scissors were ones she’s had since she was 13. As a lesson in keeping and taking care of things, her father offered $1,000 if the object was kept for until she was 18, Karla said. DL


From the July 25, 2003 Skagway News

One man asked the other, “Do you want to go to the grocery store with me?”
The other man replied, “Do they have one here?”

“I was walking south and this guy was walking north,” said a local man,” and he asked me ‘how much further to the cruise ships?’”

A worker in the Parks Canada Trail Office said a man came in looking for a Skagway walking map, because he had lost his wife, and then remarked, “You can’t get any luckier than that.”

A man, scraping his shoe off on the boardwalk, said, “I think it’s dog.” His friend said, “I think it’s horse.”
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