After enduring more than a month of hardships on the Chilkoot Trail, including having four of their crew flown out for medical attention after eating poisonous plants, the stampeder reenactors for the French Canadian program “La Ruee Vers L’Or” (Gold Rush) hit stormy Lake Bennett with two rafts and passed through Carcross on July 14. They plan to reach Whitehorse Friday and Dawson on Aug. 13 for Discovery Days. Kathleen O’Daniel


 A woman is sitting outside and asks the difference between Alaska and the Yukon Territory. 
A local replies, “Alaska is in the U.S. and the Yukon is part of Canada.” 
“Oh, ok,” she says, “so where are we then?”
On a cold day, a man puts on one of our jackets for guests, then comes up and asks, “What are these coats for?”
While standing on the dock in his Mountie costume picking up passengers for a train tour, a guide was approached by a visitor, who said, “You’re not a real Mountie. You’re in America.” 
A man admiring a wall calendar with a photo of steaming Mt. Redoubt, asks if there is one for sale.
When he was told no, he says, “Too bad, I just climbed that mountain.”
“Really,” says the counter person, “You climbed Mt. Redoubt.”
“Oh. I thought it was Mt. McKinley,” he says.
A man came into a store, looked at a picture of puffins, and asked the clerk, “Why do Alaskans hate puffins so much?”
After scratching her head, the clerk said, “Huh?”
“There are signs everywhere,” he said.
After another puzzled look from the clerk, the man continued, “The puffin with the red circle around him.”
The clerk explained it was a no smoking sign.
As the train passed the Gold Rush Cemetery, a passenger asked the conductor, “Why was Soapy Smith buried here?”
“Because he was dead,” answered the conductor.
A Newsie asked a woman if she’d like a newspaper, and the woman responded, “No, I don’t speak English.”
A local was down in the harbor parking lot the other day, noticing how low the tide was.  She looked up and saw a tourist standing there looking at her, and remarked, “Wow, this is an extremely low tide. I don’t think I’ve noticed a low tide like this before.”
The visitor replied, “I was thinking the same thing. Have you not had much rain lately?”
“Where do they get the name, Skagway?” a visitor asks.
The guide proceeds to explain the Tlingit meaning of the word.
“Oh, okay, because people say, ‘You old skag, and that’s not a nice thing to say to somebody.”
“Do you have any brochures about that Soupy guy?”
“No mam, we do not, but we have a few books.”
“But do you have any brochures?”
She then asks another clerk, “Where are the books about Soupy? About that Soupy guy.”
She is informed where the books on Soapy may be found.
“Oh…. Well, I don’t want to read anything.”
“So what is there to do in Skagway?”
“Well the salmon derby is going on right now.”
“How do they train the salmon to race?”

The windy one is off to hike the Chilkoot Trail with his son next week. We will be on special watch for windy conditions up the trail, but keep your ears open down here for wind that does not make it up the pass to us.