Skagway patrolman Ike Lorentz talks pauses for a momemt to talk with passersby on Broadway. The bike patrol is a new addition to the downtown scene this summer. Casey Grove

-Heard on the Wind-

Jewelry town?
“If it weren’t for all these jewelry stores, there would not be much left in town.”

Yukoners are real Alaskans?
Downtown one day, a woman was heard telling her husband, “You know, that woman we met, she’s a Native Alaskan. She was born in the Yukon!”

If it’s in writing...
A kid walking by the Skaguay News Depot looked up at the sign with the historic spelling and said: “Now, that’s the way you spell Skaguay!”

All wet
At the back alley rock shop, a visitor was overheard asking, “Is it OK to leave these rocks out in the rain?”

Free minute of silence
A customer walks into the bookstore and notices the “Cell Phone Free Zone” sign, then turns to her husband and says, “Look honey, you can use your cell phone for free in here.”

Newsies vs. the Animal Kingdom
A pair of newsie boys finished their shift on the docks with this conversation:
“Those eagles are trying to start something,” said one.
“The big one had a thumb ring,” replied his partner.
“Those mascots are always trying to start something. I’ve been attacked by an eagle, a bear and a seal this summer.”
“But have you all ever snuck up on them and whacked them with a newspaper?” asked their boss.
“Yeah,” they both replied.

AND FINALLY, SOME OF MARIE DRAKE’S “TOURIST TWADDLE” from the archives, courtesy of Bea Lingle:
“Is picking nuggets your native sport?
Who sits in judge in your tennis court?
Is Cheechako a kind of cheese?
Does the tide keep turning so it won’t freeze?”

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