The "Empress of the North" is back, as seen from the Amsterdam on July 9th. The Amsterdam was in for its only visit of the season and hosted a reception with lots of gifts exchanged. - JB

-Heard on the Wind-

Just what are the ships telling them about our northern lights? Questions, questions....

“Will we be back in time for our ship’s aurora borealis show?”

“Where can I find one of those aurora borealis stones?”

“Do you have room on the back of your fishing boat for our Harleys?”

“Where’s the curio shop?”

“Where’s the town?”

From the “How does one respond” department....
A large woman was trying to catch her breath in the visitor center and complained that the blocks were too long, and that the city should consider shortening them for older people. When told that they were 300 feet long, she said, “See, that’s what I mean.”

A man walked up to the female at the ticket window in the train depot and said, “So, How far do you go?”
The agent replied, “Sir, I’m not that kind of girl.”

And finally, from the political division...
Senator Lisa Murkowski recently hiked the Chilkoot Trail with a group of friends and family. On her train ride from Lake Bennett, she remarked about the contrast of her trail experience compared to what she had to do the next day in D.C., which was a meeting with Hillary Clinton. A WP&YR crew member summed it up for her this way, “So, you’re going from bear bait to de-bate.”

OK, by now, you should know what to do. The Windy One is on a river next week, but the Depot crew will gladly accept wind, in small doses.