Enough already: Make tidelands negotiations public

There is too much secrecy surrounding the latest waterfront plans. Everything needs to be brought out into the open now, including the White Pass tidelands lease negotiations.

Nothing can be gained by keeping these talks secret. The longer they remain secret, the easier it will be for someone to legally challenge their outcome.

Borough officials were right to chastise AIDEA and Selwyn Chihong for coming to meet with them in private recently, yet the meeting went on anyway with no public notice and skated around the Open Meetings Act because fewer than three assembly members were present. At least Selwyn and the borough made the plans public afterwards, but their whole approach has been a reaction based on speculation about what is or is not being negotiated. It’s like blind man’s bluff.

Enough already. We have been telling the borough and White Pass for months that the process needs to be out in the open so the public can at least hear what is being said and what positions are being taken. Only then will the people of this community have complete faith in their elected leaders to make the right decisions. — WJB