BUG TARGET – About 65 motorcyclists rolled into Skagway for Ride Yukon ‘06 last month. Rodger ‘Grandpa’ Thorlakson has a target on the front of his bike so the bugs know where to go. EAP

-Heard on the Wind-

While heading over the pass on the highway, a visitor asked, “Did they plant all these trees at the same time?”
We were on a tour up to Carcross to see the taxidermist when our tour guide mentioned the woolly mammoth found in the area.
One genius sitting in front of us inquired, “Did they shoot it locally?”
One couple was walking down the street. The husband was grumbling about having to go to the formal evening event onboard the ship that night.
His wife said, ‘Honey, we don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”
“We’re going,” he said. “It’s free drinks.”
At the Fourth of July Egg Toss Contest, a woman standing behind a man getting ready to catch, asked “Can you catch?”
“Yeah” he said.
Seconds later they were both drenched in egg.
“I thought you said you could catch!” she said.
“I did. My friend can’t throw.”
“It’s cheaper just to sit and watch the traffic go by.”
“There’s too many jewelry stores and not enough bars.”

Ah, the hot weather has things simmering, even popping. More bacon, please. Nice and crisp for the windy one.