Dyea Colors

Wild irises and Dyea yellow roses brighten up the Nelson Slough area of the Dyea Flats. - Jeff Brady


A tourist approached a local woman and said she was perplexed. She had been told there was really good ice cream at the phone company but she didn’t see anything there. It was suggested she try the Kone Kompany.

A couple was sitting on the rocks at Yakutania Point, and the woman asked her companion, “Do you think we can see the ocean from here?”

Overheard, an alleged exchange between a police officer and a driver who had been pulled over after being observed weaving slightly after leaving a bar:
Officer: “Excuse me sir, your eyes are red. Have you been smoking pot?”
Driver: “No sir, officer. But your eyes are glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?”
Officer (laughing): “Get out of here, right now.”

A suggestion heard at the museum: “Haines is known for strawberries and Skagway has lots of rhubarb - you guys should get together and have a jam!”

“Why is it light here?” a visitor asked a park interpreter. “I heard it was the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ and expected it to be light at night and dark during the day.”

A visitor, after hearing park workers downtown discussing painting permits in the Historic District, asked: “Wow, I didn’t know that! They have to ask the city every time anyone wants to paint their house!”

A woman came into the visitor center and asked, in all seriousness: “Where are the jewelry stores? I haven’t seen any.”
When told to just continue down the street and she would find several jewelry stores, she then asked, “Do they sell earrings?”

And then, after one of them found what they were looking for, they too were perplexed:
“Why doesn’t your McDonald’s have the double arches?”
Upon being informed that the red and yellow building was a jewelry store, the visitor asked, “Do you have any other good restaurants like that here?”

Ever since the windy one went gluten-free (shocking, I know), cheeseburgers have never looked the same and the tummy no longer rumbles like the wind. He is grateful for those non-fast food establishments in town who now offer g-f options, though he has been seen sneaking the top layer off a coffee cake or cup cake on occasion to satisfy sweet cravings, and a snort of single malt to keep the windy world in perspective. Keep the wind coming into the bookstore and scribble your name and contact info in case your name is drawn at the end of the month.