Timothy Adam ‘Sonny’ Twitchell
December 1946 - June 2014

Beloved father, grandfather, and brother Timothy “Sonny” Twitchell “walked around the point” at his home in Bothell, Washington, where he stayed with his nephew Stephen Larson and family. He was born on December 14, 1946 in Fairbanks and grew up in Takotna and then in Anchorage, where he cared for his parents Timothy and Anna Twitchell, and raised his sons. Tim, who is called “Sonny” by most of his family, was generous and funny, and traveled, played cards, listened to classic rock and country, and loved jokes and trivia. He was always around family, and spent large portions of the summer taking the ferry to Southeast Alaska to live with his sons and their families. He spent much of his later years migrating between Washington, California, and Pennsylvania, and talked often of his time in the Army serving in Korea and traveling to Norway with his father to meet his mother’s relatives.
He was an avid sports fan, and split his time rooting for teams in the San Francisco Bay area and Philadelphia. Before moving to the city of Anchorage, he learned how to survive in the bush from his parents, who were teachers, reindeer herders, and hunters. His father Tim was one of the first Alaska Natives to graduate college and his mother was an Alaskan Pioneer who helped bridge northern Sámi culture with those of Western and Southcentral Alaska.
Sonny was a veteran and served in Korea, working in the communications field, which would turn out to be his primary career when he returned to Alaska. He did his basic training in Fort Sills, Oklahoma, and his technical training at the Devry Institute in Chicago. A man of high intelligence, he was extremely gifted in communications technology and would often be called in to solve technical problems across the state. In addition, he was a gifted painter who worked in oils and watercolors, creating vibrant, textural landscapes of Alaska.
Tim is missed tremendously by his sons, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, nephews, and cousins. His sense of humor and kindness will be passed along through generations, and have made the world a better place. We will miss his stories, teasing, flirting, dirty jokes, and his excellent cooking. He is a testament to strength and resilience, and a survivor of a difficult life that often knocked him down but never out. Through it all, he never lost his kindness and strength, and was at home everywhere he went.
He was preceded in death by his parents Anna and Tim Twitchell, and his sister Ruth Twitchell. He is survived and loved by his siblings Lois Stover, Ann (Eunice) Pacheco, Esther Larson, Rachel Twitchell Justiss, Hannah Twitchell, Mary Eyman, Becky Twitchell, and his brother Matt Twitchell. He will be remembered forever by cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, and most of all by his sons and their families: Timothy Wayne Twitchell, wife Blossom, son Allistair, and daughters Teslin & Lucca Bea; Lance Arron Twitchell, wife Miriah, daughters Kiana & Ava, and son Cody; and Adam Hollis Makeah Twitchell, his youngest son.
Thank you for being a wonderful dad. Thank you for being strong. Thank you for being you.
– In love and gratitude forever, your family.