Ford, Flockhart Take Flight

SEEN ON THE WIND: Movie star/pilot Harrison Ford does a pre-flight check of his plane before leaving town. Ford and girl friend Calista Flochart and her son Liam took a train ride and overnighted at the White House B&B while stopping in Skagway on a trip to Alaska. Right, TV and film star Flockhart kisses Ford before she climbs on his plane with Liam. –Photo 'exclusive' by Molly Dischner

-Heard on the Wind-

More gems from the visitor center...
“Does the train end up at the Red Onion?”

A woman and her son inquired about buying furs and were told there were several fur shops in town. They said that they actually wanted a taxidermist. When asked exactly what they were looking for, she said they wanted a stuffed wolverine. When asked why they wanted a stuffed wolverine she said that the wolverine was the mascot for the boy’s school. When asked if they understood that it was a rare animal and why would they want to kill an animal that was rare, the woman said that they did want to kill one, they just wanted to buy a stuffed one. When told that the animal would have to be killed in order to be stuffed, they seemed confused.

No rubber in contents...
A woman shopping in the KRO2 was examining the contents of an "Alaskan Survival Kit" we sell. After a minute of looking at the product she put it down and said very casually "well all that's missing is a condom". She left without purchasing the "Alaskan Survival Kit".

From nearby air space....
A woman on a Promech air tour asked in mid-flight if there were bathrooms on the airplane.
On the same tour, as they over-flew the ship that had run aground in Glacier Bay, a visitor asked, “Is it safe to fly?”

From Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau
“What happens to the white color when the snow melts?”
“How do you tell the difference between a fresh salmon and a smoked salmon?1”
“Can you fish through the glacier?”

Garden seals...
A gentleman walked into Jewell Gardens housing break room and asked the location of the “seal show.”
He explained that he had been told to walk across the bridge and there would be a seal show. “Where is it?”
He was directed to the footbridge a mile to the south and told to look out for them at Yakutatnia Point.

From the deep, dark waters....
A tourist asked a bartender at the Elks, what kind of “spider” was hanging on the wall. The bartender looked up at the handsome wall mount of a creature from the depths of Taiya Inlet, and said, “That’s an Alaskan King Crab spider.”

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