Field Notes

A Whitehorse batter prepares to hit a ball from Hambone pitcher Dustin Hanson. James from B&S Plumbing cracks a home run it the B championship.

Hambones, B&S share winner’s circle at 4th Tourney

As the yellow rubber duckies raced toward Pullen Pond on the 4th of July, the 2008 International Softball Tournament was underway with round-robin competition.
Competing this year were six teams that made the drive down from the Yukon. Skagway had four local teams: Hambones, B&S Plumbing, The Vigilantes and The Skagway Brewing Company. Two Southeast teams returned again this year with Pabst Blue Ribbon from Haines, and Northern Exposure from Juneau.
The big surprise after the round-robin concluded, was that B&S, last year’s A division second place team, was sent to the B bracket. The placement was made after four teams tied. The final decision was made to send The Brewing Co to the A bracket after they beat a team that B&S lost to, as well as their low point differential.
The tournament concluded with Skagway winning both the A and the B divisions. The Hambones beat Whitehorse’s Pine Plumbing 9-4 in the second game after a narrow loss (8-7) in the double elimination championship game. B&S went on to beat Whitehorse’s Wounded Deer 21-6 for the B crown.
After the trophy ceremony John O’Daniel of Hambones, joked with Justin Harris of B&S, about their rivalry by saying, “We finally found a way for us both to win.”
This is the third Fourth of July Tournament championship in a row for the Hambones. Cheers of their three-peat were heard as the seventh inning concluded. The game truly belonged to the women on the team. Savannah Ames would have made the ESPN Sports Center highlight reel for her bare handed catch and throw to second base just in time for the out. At 15, red-headed Jessie Ellis, is the new star of the Hambones. One of the ASA Umpires, Lee, noticed her skill, commenting that she caught every big hit toward her. Still joking, Coach O’D said, “She had the right color red today.”
After winning their championships, the Hambones and B&S are going to take a break from the Skagway co-ed softball season, and let the other teams play in the second round, which begins on Friday, July 11. There will be eight teams competing until the Championship Tournament Aug. 1-2. – AD ANI DROZDOWSKA

Brothers N ate and Mark Jennings round the bases after a Hambone hit. High fives all around at the end of a great tourney. AD