The borough has started placing dog doo bags for walkers and hikers at various locations. JB


 A woman holds up a Canadian dollar in a store and asks, “This is your money, right?”
“No, ma’am, that’s Canadian.”
Clearly flustered, she huffs, “Well then what kind of money do you take?”
“American, ma’am.”
Confused, she stammers, “What? Why?”
“Because this is America.”
“Well, I’m from New Jersey, and we don’t have Canadian money there.”
Trying to be as cordial as possible, the clerk responded, “Nor do we have it here ma’am, I need you to pay in American dollars or with a credit card.”
Almost desperately, the woman says, “But I don’t know where I got this money – someone on this trip must have given it to me!”
“Were you in Vancouver?”
“Yes... but they don’t use Canadian there.”
 The clerk proceeded to burst into laughter. Again, the customer just didn’t get it.
A customer looking at the gold flake snow globes in a store asked, “Is that real gold snow? Does it snow gold in Alaska?”
A woman was standing at a SMART bus stop under the “Beginning” sign. A shuttle bus drove right past her, all the way to the sign marked “End.” The woman tried to wave it down. She did it again after another bus pulled up and drove past her. A storekeeper came out and explained that if she walked a few feet down to the “End,” she would get a ride
She replied, “But I’m at the beginning, the sign says ‘Beginning.’”
A tour driver pulled off the road at a photo stop on the pass after crossing the border into Canada. Everyone got out except a young woman and her father.
She said to him, “Here, I thought Alaska was an island. Now I find out it’s part of Canada!”
Questions, questions from the tour shack:
“Do you have mosh pitting?” After some head-scratching and questioning, it was determined that the visitor really meant to ask, “Do you have dog sledding?”
“Is this the real Alaska land?” And the tour guide replied, “Yes it is.” The visitor promptly pumped his fist in the air, and yelled, “YES!”
A woman asks how far to walk to town, and she is told about a quarter mile. “How far is it to drive?”
Finally, two that need no reply…
“Is this water out here man-made?”
“Why are there so many Alaska license plates here?”
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