A Skagway tug boat heads home after assisting the Carnival Spirit with its departure on a sunny Sunday. JB

-Heard on the Wind-

A customer being given directions to A.B. Hall visitor center said, “Oh, you mean the treehouse one?”

On a hot day, a tourist in the grocery store said, “This isn’t Alaska, this is baked Alaska.”

After viewing the power lines that run down from Lower Dewey Lake, a male visitor asked a local, “Is that a tram ride up to the top of the mountain?”

While viewing the cooking demonstration at a local garden tour, the guests were told that the coffee they were drinking was roasted in Ketchikan. One woman replied, “They roast it in ketchup cans? How interesting!”

Pointing at a yellow street car, a tourist said “Our helicopter got s—-canned. How much is this?”

“Is that a whale down there?” a passenger asked, pointing north on the Skagway River as the bus was crossing the bridge.

Two men were seen walking down Broadway, each loaded down with at least four shopping bags per hand. Concerned that the men were walking in the wrong direction of the cruise ships, a local asked them, “Where are you going with all that stuff?”
“We’re getting away from the women before they load us down with any more!” they replied. It was then ascertained that the visitors were staying at the campground and had not, in fact, lost their cruise ship.

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