Tim Alderson of Blood, Sweat and Gears reaches out for a water bottle from teammate Curt Dodd without breaking stride.
Casey Grove

Skagway cycling team claims relay title again

A Skagway team took first place in the eight-man division at the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay June 25. The Blood, Sweat and Gears team made it from Haines Junction, Yukon to Haines, Alaska, a distance of 148 miles, in just under seven hours and 49 minutes.
Skagway residents Curt Dodd and Mark Lohnes were joined by former Skagwayan Tim Alderson, his wife Laurie Montano and their friend John Roberts from Anchorage. There were a record 1,160 participants in the race.
“Get ready to rumble!” Lohnes said just before it began.
At the start, Alderson quickly broke away from the rest of the eight-man riders, and sped through Checkpoint 1 like a laser beam.
“He looked strong,” said Dodd after watching Alderson zip through the orange fencing and back onto the highway. “He didn’t look tired at all.”
But Alderson was hunched over his bike and sucking wind after winning that leg and the next one, a distance of more than 36 miles.
“How do you like them apples, Paperboy?” asked Alderson, once he had caught his breath, of this reporter who rode on the team bus.
Lohnes, who pulls a pedicab in Skagway, had already blasted out of the gate for legs 3 and 4, climbing powerfully up the hills on that part of the course. Lohnes was a last minute addition to the team, coming up big for Blood, Sweat and Gears and keeping them in the lead.
Then it was John Roberts time to shine.
“I don’t care,” Roberts said before heading out on the course. “I’m just riding for fun, so hang on!”
The 51-year-old barely looked winded at the end of his more than 36-mile ride, placing second and first on legs 5 and 6 respectively. Alderson jokingly accused his friend of being a sissy and a pansy, and said he had been drafting behind someone the whole way.
Montano took over for leg 7, the part of the race that crosses the Alaska-Canada border. She had a smile on her face every time she saw her teammates, yelling encouragement from inside the support vehicle, a Klondike Tours bus driven by Greg Clem.
Leg 8 and the finish were up to Curt Dodd, who did not disappoint. Dodd rode across the finish line in Haines with a victorious hoot and a fist pump. He made it out of the winner’s circle without having beer dumped on his head and flew away on an airplane that night, headed for Mt. Rainer. He summitted the 14,411-foot peak three days later.


Blood, Sweat and Gears, 7:48:54, (1st place men’s eight-person)
Air You Never Breathe Twice, 8:21:39 (3rd place men’s eight-person)
One Lucky Guy, 8:55:21 (20th place mixed four-person)
Sockeye Cycle, 9:22:06 (10th place men’s eight-person)
Sockeye Cycle 2, 8:30:30 (14th place men’s two-person)
Jewels of the Mile, 9:32:49 (6th place women’s eight-person)
Ho’s for the Klondike, 10:00:10 (8th place women’s eight-person)
Soft and Supple, 10:40:05 (19th place men’s eight-person)

For complete team and individual results, see www.kcibr.org

Who’s on Fourth?
Whitehorse Trappers take annual tourney
This past Fourth of July saw another fun and exciting softball tournament. The Hambones of Skagway were defeated by the Trappers from Whitehorse TK to TK in the championship game.
The Hambones won the first game against the Trappers, but because they had made it to the championship through the loser’s bracket, they had to play a second game for the title.
“They were really good games,” said tourney directorand Hambone Cindy O’Daniel.
Everybody in the tournament had fun, she said, and people are already looking forward to next year.
“I even had people who came up after the tournament to sign up for next year,” she said.
O’Daniel hopes to have more teams in next year’s tournament.
The Hambones will reconstitute themselves for the Dustball in Whitehorse July 15 to 17, playing under the team name “Nipples and Nuts.” The team is sponsored by Skagway True Value Hardware.
David Mielke is also taking the Vigilantes to compete for the coed title at Dustball, and Wade Brown’s team Shockers will enter the men’s division. – CASEY GROVE