Bikers with the annual “Ride Yukon” roll through Skagway. -CD

-Heard on the Wind-

Some folks just want to create an international incident...

A group was listening to the bagpipers on the Fourth of July when a woman turned to her partner and said, “I didn’t know Canada celebrated the Fourth of July, too!”

A man asked whether there was a British Legion in town. Told no, he then asked, “Is there a Canadian Legion?” Told no one knew of a Canadian Legion on the Yankee side of the line, he said, “So what is there?” Told an American Legion, he said, “But not British or Canadians, eh?” (Nobody told him this was a consequence of the repulsion from Skagway of the RCMP in 1898. Perhaps he hadn’t heard that.)

“How long can a salmon hold its breath?”

A tourist from one of the ships came into one of the visitor centers. After standing several seconds and looking around, she asked, “Why did I come in here?”
The VC assistant told the visitor, “I’m good at a lot of things, but my mind-reading skills are lacking.”
The visitor decided that she needed to go to the restroom.

“These mosquitoes sure are friendly, aren’t they?”

A woman in the visitor center was disappointed that the ship was unable to get into Tracy Arm to see the glaciers calving, and was told that the glaciers are melting more quickly now and in some cases disappearing from view.
She opined, “Oh well, maybe there will be some new ones soon.”