-Heard on the Wind

Dawson Dolly was at the post office and was presented a bag of bras that had “been in the back room for a month,” said the clerk.
“How did you know they were mine?” she asked, adding that they were too small (after her surgery), and she had tried sending them to a friend.
“Because I can tell by your writing,” the clerk responded.
The postmaster then commented, “I thought they were hats!”
The longshoremen heard this comment as yet another couple missed the afternoon departure of their cruise ship: “How could our ship have left with so many people still in town!”
Overheard by the big rhubarb plant at 5th and Broadway:
“This is old growth rhubarb?”
“This is rhubarb on steroirds.”
“Is that celery? Lettuce?”
“They feed this rhubarb moose poop?”
Over at the visitor center, someone looked at the Skaguay Alaskan front page and asked, “What do you get with this free train whistle coupon?”
Finally, a man with seeming intelligence asked a local resident, “What’s the Native language around here?”
When told it was Tlingit, the visitor stated, “That’s funny – I’d have thought it was Indian.”

Gunnalcheesh for that one … keep them coming in any language, just like the wind that bunches up the water that gives us our name. Happy 50th Birthday Alaska, Happy Fourth of July, and if you ain’t happy after reading this column, well then get happy in your own way. – The Windy One