ALCAN Outfitters owner Matt Roda sets up fat tire bikes for renters. See our two-part "What's New and Different?" feature in our June print editions. - Katie Emmets


Overheard on the “Doc Holiday”:
As the charter fishing boat was leaving the harbor with a group of visitors from a Princess ship, one member of the party looked up at the large white vessels to the left and asked of Captain Greg, “Are those cruise ships?”

Overheard by Commander Skip on the dock shuttle cart:
“I want to go to the Boeing plant, can you take me there?”
“Uh, do you mean the Boeing plant where they make jets?”
“That’s in Seattle, about 1,000 miles from here.”

Overheard at 5th and Broadway at rhubarb corner:
“Those are Jurassic rhubarb plants!”
And on another day, same location, observing the same plants, a very knowledgeable fellow explained: “Those are giant Alaskan cabbages.”

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