Aaron Thomas with Alaska Fish and Game scoops salmon smolt before they are released from the Skagway net pen at Pullen Pond. KE


A postal worker wearing a USPS shirt with “Cantwell, AK” on the front was asked if he was from Arkansas.
A tourist sitting in the Red Onion the other day asked if “that was the undertaker across the street.”
“What?” I asked, looking out the window.
He was pointing to Soapy Smith’s Parlor. I told him it was an old bar from the gold rush. “Oh, I thought it must be the town undertaker” he said.
A woman came into the visitor center on a cool, rainy day and said to the woman behind the counter: “I’m glad to see that you are shivering too, because we normal people are cold.”
Alas the sweet summer winds doth not please everyone. But the windy one fears no wind. It resounds like Shakespearean sonnets read out loud on a cloudless night. Send him more, please, before he goes Elizabethan on us all.