New ships, round two

Local residents wait to board the huge Norwegian Star for a reception, and two painters whitewash the luxurious Silver Shadow. JB

-Heard on the Wind-

Overheard at a local B&B:
“Most of us like rhubarb. But one of us didn’t know what it was. He thought it was a kind of fish.”

Overheard in a jewelry story as a couple walked by an ivory display:
“Ivory? I didn’t know you could sell ivory!”
“Yes,” replied his companion. “All the elk up here have ivory.”

An inquisitive tourist asked a local retailer if she had lived here all her life. She kindly replied, "I don't know yet. Do I look dead to you?"

And finally, someone who knows more than we do:
“Just imagine, they created these little towns just for the cruise ships.”

While taking pictures of Pitchfork Falls, a visitor commented to his tour driver, “Do you have any water that runs uphill?”

Heard lately at the tour shack: “Where do I go for the self-guided tour?”

Things are heating up, just like the weather, and the wind doth blow even more. Send your gems to or drop them off at the News Depot.