Skagway, Alaska
Fourth of July 2004

Theme: “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”

Thursday, July 1st

Canadian Navy Ships Whitehorse and Yellowknife in harbor, open houses for Canada Day.

3 & 4:30 PM SENIOR CITIZEN TRAVELING ALL-STAR SOFTBALL EXHIBITION - City Ballfield. Every Skagway Softball player is welcome to play against this team. Batter Up!!

Friday, July 2nd
INTERNATIONAL SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT – Weekend play begins and continues until champion crowned on July 4th

Saturday, July 3rd
8 PM-11 PM STREET DANCE (weather permitting), Broadway between 2nd & 3rd. Music provided by the Red Onion.

11:00 PM FIREWORKS - Waterfront, good viewing from hillside.

Sunday, July 4th
8:00 AM SKAGWAY NEWS RUN-AROUND - Meet at News Depot, 3rd & Broadway, 5K course around historic Skagway. Prizes for men, women and kid winners and best costume (Skagway News Co.)


9:30 AM KIDDIE PARADE - this “mini” parade starts at 2nd Ave., goes north on Broadway to 7th Ave.

10:00 AM MAIN PARADE - from 7th & Broadway, south to 1st - this parade goes both ways on Broadway, first south, around 1st/2nd Ave. block, then back north to 7th. KEEP STREET CLEAR.

Immediately after Parade:
HISTORICAL PAGEANT BY YOUNG PATRIOTS - 4th & Broadway. Presentation of pledging our allegiance and reciting other historical patriotic pieces. (Blanchards)
PRESENTATION OF FLOAT AWARDS, 4th & Broadway - see who the winners are!
DESSERT AUCTION - 4th & Broadway - Have your money ready, these go very fast (Emblem Club)
FOOT RACES - 4th & Broadway - all ages, gunny-sack and 3-legged for over 6 years. (Chamber of Commerce)
EAGLES BBQ - 6th & Broadway - Step up quick to the best barbecue ribs anywhere (Eagles FOE #25)

1:00 PM COIN SCRAMBLE - Broadway & 4th - ages 5-12 go for money in sawdust piles (Wells Fargo)

1:30 PM TUG-OF-WAR - Broadway between 4th & 5th. Who’s strongest this year? (Heger Construction)

2:00 PM EGG TOSS - 4th & Broadway - toss egg across widening distances to partner (Elks/Buckwheat)

2:15 PM SOFTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, 7th Pasture ballpark. (Skagway Softball)

2:30 PM ARM WRESTLING - Broadway between 4th & 5th. Eat those Wheaties now! (Elks Lodge 431)

3:00 PM HORSE SHOE TOURNAMENT - behind Westmark Inn (Elks Lodge 431)

3:30 PM SLOW BIKE RACE - 3rd to 4th on Broadway - whoever rides the slowest, not taking their feet off the pedals, wins. Helmets required.

4:00 PM SPIKE DRIVING CONTEST - 4th Ave. next to Mountain Shop. Bring your strong arm tactics (WP&YR)

5:00 PM DUCKY DERBY - Pullen Pond. Watch those duckies go! All 1,000 of them. Tickets on sale all over town. (Chamber)

6:00 PM PIZZA TOSS - 2nd & Broadway, see if pepperoni flies faster than double cheese! (Red Onion Saloon)

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