DON'T FEED THE BEARS - This grizzly bear was observed munching wildflowers two miles south of Carcross on the Klondike Highway. Some bears in the area have either been relocated or shot. Andrew Cremata

-Heard on the Wind-

Hay fever vs. gold fever?
A visitor looking at the pollen on the water asked, “Is that gold dust?”

Movie kids never age
A visitor asked a local newsboy, “Are you the kid from Mrs. Doubtfire?”

Beauty nightmare
On a very windy day, even by Skagway standards, a woman coming off a ship at the Ore Dock said to a friend, “Well, this is a waste of hair spray!”

From the archives, courtesy of Bea Lingle: “Does Siwash more than once a year?” and “Do you all wear blankets when we’re not here?”

Independence Day is coming, so keep you ears open for those observations of our twice-around parade and other Skaghappenings.